Basel Zaraa

Basel Zaraa is a Palestinian artist, who was born in the Yarmouk Palestinian camp in Syria. He is a spoken word and stencil graffiti artist and a musician.

Andrew Omoding

Andrew Omoding creates large-scale autobiographical mixed media sculptural pieces that reflect his experiences of growing up in Uganda and moving to London as a young teenager. On arrival to London, Andrew did not speak for several years and remained silent. Now much of Andrew’s work involves story telling and performance incorporating both written and spoken […]

Ibrahim Fakhri

Ibrahim Fakhri

Ibrahim Fakhri is a Syrian artist and curator primarily concerned with the civil activism in Syria and the Middle East. He has exhibited the graffiti of the Syrian Revolution in venues in Europe and the UK.

Kurt Schwitters, 1948

Kurt Schwitters

Kurt Schwitters is one of the major artists of European modernism, famous for his collage works in a technique he called ‘Merz.’

Natasha Davis

Natasha Davis is a performance and visual artist whose work explores body, memory, identity and migration. Her embodied practice as performer informs her research as a subject through her own experiences of displacement and migration.

Maryam Hashemi

Maryam Hashemi

Maryam is a London-based Iranian artist whose work brings past and present together. Her subjects are mostly women.

Mona Hatoum

Mona Hatoum is a Palestinian video artist and installation artist born in Lebanon who explores the harshness of life and exile using a variety of media.


M.I.A. is an award winning recording artist who was born in Sri Lanka to Tamil parents. She is also a songwriter, painter and director.