Andrew Omoding creates large-scale autobiographical mixed media sculptural pieces that reflect his experiences of growing up in Uganda and moving to London as a young teenager.

On arrival to London, Andrew did not speak for several years and remained silent. Now much of Andrew’s work involves story telling and performance incorporating both written and spoken language. Andrew weaves, sews, threads, constructs, hammers and screws materials together merging with and becoming part of the work while simultaneously singing and telling a story.

Each artwork begins with Andrew buzzing around the studio looking for source materials that start a cog turning in his mind. From there ideas evolve quickly and with a tacit knowledge – Andrew builds his pieces intuitively and there is a clear idea as to where he is taking them and how he wants each piece to be seen and experienced.

Over the years, Andrew has matured and gradually found, nurtured and rediscovered his voice, both visual and verbal. Now it is a voice that needs to be heard.


• Oh Wow! 32 Responses to Colour and Light, Cockpit Arts Summer Open Studios, 2014 (group show)
• Pump House Open, Pump House Gallery, 2013 (group show)
• I Was Framed, Cockpit Arts Christmas Open Studios, 2013 (group show)
• Shape Open on tour, The Nunnery Gallery; The Chocolate Factory; LCB Depot, Leicester; Lewisham Arthouse, 2013 (group show)
• Dreamcatcher. Moment in Time. Part of Shape in the City, Gracechurch Street, 2013 (group show)
• Unwrapped, Cockpit Arts Christmas Open Studios, 2013 (group show)